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Sherry Moore, State Director

The National Barrel Horse Association, headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, is the largest barrel racing organization in the world.  In 1992, the NBHA revolutionized the barrel racing industry by pioneering the divisional format, which allows riders of all skill levels a chance to win money and prizes in barrel racing competition. See for more information.

Keep an eye on here for the 2018 AL NBHA State Show announcements! 

September 13 - 16 2018 Morgan County Celebration Arena, Decatur, Alabama

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NBHA Alabama State Show Notes and Rules.  September 13 - 16, 2018

Open 4D $3300 Added  * Youth 4D $1000 Added  * Senior 4D $1000 Added   * Adult 4D  $500 Added  
(Adult class is for those whose age doesn't qualify to run as youth or senior)
PeeWee $25 PeeWee Entries cannot enter any other class.  Novice Rider Age 10 & Under only.  Awards TBD 
PeeWee Membership is not required.  But must have a current member of the NBHA living in the household.
Office Charge $25 (paid once per contestant regardless of # of horses entering) 
Open 4D: Two 4D go rounds and a 4D "clean slate" short go.  We will take 20 finalists in each D from the 1st go and 
2nd go. (160 Total)     After the 1st day, we will not go back to the 1st day for more finalists.
You can qualify unlimited horses per D to the finals.  Clean slate slowest to fastest
Open Finals winnings:  Saddle - 1 in each D; Awards top 5 in each D. 
Youth 4D: Age at Jan 1, 2018 18 & Under - 1 Long Go with Finals Short Go Champions  20 from each D (80 Total) - 
Youth Awards 1st Saddle, 2nd-3rd Awards each D 
Senior 4D Finals: Age 50 & Over at 9/13/18 - Finals Championship - Awards Senior 1st - 3rd Awards in each D 
Adult 4D Finals: Age 19-49 - Finals Championships - Awards Adult 1st-3rd Awards in each D 
Show Rules: Late entries will be taken until Thursday 9/13 @ 5:00 PM with $25 late fee per rider ($25 Max)  
Positions will be drawn for 1st Go and reversed for the 2nd go in Open class 
(total flip:  add-ons will be at the beginning of the 2nd Go)   
CAN ROLLOVER TIME FROM OPEN 1st go to aged events (Youth Long Go, Senior Finals and Adult Finals).
Must designate ROLLOVER with original entry ONLY!  Can run or rollover into Youth Long go and Senior and Adult finals.  
NBHA Dress Code will be strictly enforced during Open, Youth, Senior and Adult Finals.  Long Sleeves, Hat and Boots.
Open and Youth Long Go's entries can run in a 2018 state t-shirt.  Without 2018 state t-shirt you must wear the
NBHA Dress Code attire.
NO REFUNDS (except vet-out by Friday 9/8) 
Ties for winning positions will have the option to re-run or coin toss  
12 mo Negative Coggins Required.
NBHA Rules Apply    3 min time limit to break timer eye. D/Q if you run out of turn or before called.  Standard NBHA 
payoff schedule (Open total class pot to 35% Go1, 35% Go2, 30% Finals)  70% payback on All Entry Fees   
Adult and Senior Classes Finals will be 100% of the payout (70% payback on All Entry Fees).  
Youth class payout is 60% of total pot to long go, 40% to short go.         
Go Round Money Will Be Paid in Open and Youth.    
Added money will be split evenly per division.
No stall reservations will be taken without class entries    
Entries must be in same envelope to be stalled together.  
PreEntry Draws will be posted online at and NBHA Alabama Facebok page on 8/24/18   
And outside of the show office during the state show.
Stall Fee $75.  Wednesday arrival will be charged extra $25/stall. Pre bedded with 1 bags of shavings per stall rented
RV $105 for Thursday - Sunday.   Wednesday $35/RV additional upon arrival.  If not paid with entry.
Entries for Thursday night jackpot, Thur and Fri Exhibitions will be collected at show (don't include with this form) 
Thursday Sep 13                  9 - 11 am Open Arena
                                                   1 - 5 pm Exhibitions $5 at the gate 
                                                   5 pm Entries close to all classes including jackpot   
                                                   6 pm 4D Jackpot $700 Added $25 Entry Fee                  
 Friday Sep 14                       8 -11 am Exhibitions $5 at the gate    
                                                  12 noon Open 1st Go      
Saturday Sep 15                   9 am    Youth Long Go       
                                                                 PeeWee Finals & Awards
                                                                Senior Finals & Awards      
                                                                Adult Finals  & Awards
                                                                Open 2nd Go           
Sunday Sep 16                        8 am Church Service  
                                                    10 am Youth Finals & Awards 
                                                                Open Finals & Awards Presentation  
1. Contestant shall be responsible for any rule infraction incurred by anyone within their party and subject to fines and disqualifications.
2. SHOW OFFICE: Located inside the main arena.  Will be posted around the arena.
3. NBHA STATE T-SHIRTS: Available at the show office - must be pre-ordered.
4. HORSE CHANGES - The horse change forms are located in the show office and must be filled out before your first run.
6. CONCESSIONS:  Are located in the vendor area of the arena.
7. WARNING:  Bring all announcements and questons to the show office.  Anyone talking to the staff in announcer's booth is 
     subject to disqualification.
8.  DRESS CODE: NBHA Dress code enforced!  Long sleeves, hat and boots required.  If you wear the 2018 NBHA Alabama State T-Shirt
     the long sleeve, button down shirt is waived for the long go's only.  A HAT/HELMET must still be worn with T-shirt.
9. An electronic timer will be used for all rides.  Should the timer not function, a rerun will be immediately after the event is complete
      for the day and after a drag or at show manager's discretion.
10. There will be no reruns given if a horse falls.
11. Knocking over a barrel during competition will result in a no time.
12. No rider substitutions
13. Any Vet-Out or Doctor release must be receinve in writing to Sherry Moore, 180 Grass Farm Rd., Titus, AL 36080-3428
       not later than September 8th.  NBHA will retain a processing fee and stall fees if appl.
      80% of the entry fees will be returned to entrant.
14. Membership must be current (no points required) and member must have competed in 3 shows in their declared district between
      September 2017 State Show & September 2018 State Show.  (AL00 members must run at 3 shows in any Alabama District)
15. A horse can only run once per class, exception Section A, Rule 12, of the NBHA Rulebook.
16. Any questions or disputes that arise during the show, not covered by the rules, will be settled by the show manager who's decision
      will be final.
17. No portable panels or overnight tie-outs.
18. FINES: $25 If you circle a barrel more than once during a competitive run
19. FINES: $30 for each returned check.
20. FINES: $25 Loss of hat during a competitive run.
21. FINES: DOUBLE FEES, PLUS DISQUALIFICATION, if you are caught hooked up to power without reservation.
22. Golf Carts and Utility Vechiles are aloud however, the contestant is responsible and will be disqualified if they or anyone with
      them violates any of the rules.
23. Anyone operating a motorized vehicle must have a valid drivers license.  Any problems, family member may be
      subject to disqualification.
24. Any contestant being rude to the State Director, District Directors, Office personel, Announcing Staff, Tractor Divers and 
     office workers will be disqualified.
25. WARNING: Under Alabama law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a 
      participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to the Equine Activities Liability 
Days Inn         - $59.95   King or 2 Quens                            63 Marco Dr, Decatur, AL 35603                                       Phone: (256) 642-7129
Super 8          - $56.00     Single or Double                         70 Marco Dr, Decatur, AL 35603                                       Phone: (256) 642-7125
Comfort Inn - $85 (with more than 10 rooms)         3239 Point Mallard Pkwy SE, Decatur, AL 35603             Phone: (256) 355-1037
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